Tailwater Charters specializes in fly fishing and light spin tackle techniques to target steelhead.
Fly Fishing

Indicator (float/bobber): Fishing with a single hand fly rod or switch rod with a floating line and indicator.  We use common nymphing techniques to get smooth natural drift and presentation to the fish.

Chuck & Duck (bottom bouncing): An old great lakes tactic using a running line and a sliding weight on a fly rod. Although a bit different than traditional fly fishing, chuck & duck can be very productive in high water scenarios most common in the springtime with snowmelt and spring rains. Also, this technique is useful during the winter months when the water temperatures are in the low 30’s. Chuck & Duck get your flies deep bouncing naturally along the river bottom.

Streamer Fishing- An exciting way to chase trout and other species on the river. Casting streamer flies and retrieving them with a fast strip, igniting a predatory reaction from a trout to chase and kill its prey.


Spinning Tackle

Float Fishing: Just like when you were a kid fishing a bobber in a pond for bluegills, now you are doing it in the river for steelhead. When float fishing we use a 10’6 to 12’ spinning rod with a float to detect a strike from a steelhead. These longer rods are great for achieving long natural drifts and great line control.

Plugging: If you are looking for a relaxing day on the river or looking to introduce somebody to steelhead fishing. Essentially using the anchor and oars to back troll up to 4 rods with big flashy lures (hot N tot, mag lip, wiggle wart etc.)  down a run or hole, creating an impulse strike from a steelhead. Back trolling plugs can produce some of the hardest strikes from a steelhead.